Thursday, July 18, 2013

Loretta Boyett's Debut Novel, Deadly Betrayal, First in the Hidden Danger Trilogy

Finally I can blog about the exciting adventure of finishing and publishing MY debut novel, Deadly Betrayal, an inspirational suspense-thriller with a touch of romance. It's breathtaking to hold the book in my hand.

The back cover copy reads as follows:

"Paralegal Beth Thompson grew up in Ocala, Florida, the only child of doting parents. Although her childhood was a sheltered one, the terrifying nightmare that has dogged her for as long as she can remember continues to haunt her.

"Joseph P. Hill, an unscrupulous Sarasota Attorney, doesn’t care how he makes a buck as long as he makes lots of them. When he unearths a missing link to Beth’s past, Joe concocts the perfect scheme to make this discovery pay off and lures an unsuspecting Beth to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Angry that her boss, attorney Alan Knight, does not return her feelings, she takes the bait.

"The night Beth arrives, a man is murdered at the airport. What is her connection to him, and why did he die holding a locket identical to the one she wore—and lost—on her flight?

"As the truth unfolds, each step draws Beth closer to a dark secret hidden from her since childhood, plunging her deeper into danger, deceit, and deadly betrayal."

Deadly Betrayal is available in eBook format on Amazon, Nook, iBookstore, and most other sites where eBooks are sold. The paperback can be purchased on Amazon or, if you would like an autographed copy, you may message me at or comment below with your email address, and I will be happy to email you instructions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and look forward to any comments you share. Also, I would feel very blessed if you would subscribe by email using the link below.

Congratulations to the winners of my Goodreads Giveaway: Andrea Young and Kanta Dufour!