Saturday, February 20, 2010

To stay encamped or journey on

Numbers 9:19-23 describes how the children of Israel followed the Lord’s command on their journey through the wilderness by watching a cloud over the tabernacle.  When it moved, they set out on their journey, but when it stayed above the tabernacle, they stayed where they were. Verse 23 says: “At the command of the Lord they remained encamped, and at the command of the Lord they journeyed; they kept the charge of the Lord ….”

I want to follow the Lord’s “charge” in my life, too. My novel – Face From the Past, a Christian romantic suspense – is finally finished, and being published is my goal. What is he telling me to do now?

Well, he is definitely the God of surprises, because today he led me to start this blog. So, instead of staying “encamped” by doing my laundry and other household chores, I “journeyed on” and am finally (I hope) publishing my first post after spending hours wading though the technical details of creating a blog. 

I would like this space to be your space, too, where we share our successes and our failures, keep each other posted on what is happening to us now, and get advice from published authors, agents, and publishers who are willing to help us.

Some things I have done and will be doing to move in the “publication” direction are:

1.   I had my book edited by a very competent editor/teacher.

  1.  I am attending my first writer’s conference – the Florida Christian Writers Conference on March 3-7.

  1.  I have struggled through preparing a proposal, which in many ways was harder than writing the book itself, and have submitted it for critique to one publisher and one agent attending the conference.

  1. I have prepared a “pitch sheet”.

  1. From now until the day I leave, I will be reviewing the book looking for needed changes.

Now, it’s your turn…


  1. Kindle and Nook are taking over the book industry, and you'll likely be published as an ebook at first. Some authors even offer their book for free for a limited amount of time, to gain readership. If you have sequels planned for this book, that will be helpful to you as well.

    I love Christian romantic suspense books, for the record, and would love to buy yours! Good luck, and God bless!

  2. I know what you mean, Erin. Electronic books seem to be one of the up and coming ways to publish. Several members of my family have them, but for me, I'd rather have the book itself. However, I know many love them.

  3. Nice job setting up the blog, Loretta. Praying for God's direction in the journey of your book. I spent the past few days enjoying the Lord and seeking peace regarding writing projects. Always a place I return in the midst of the pursuit of publication. Numbers is a great book from which to quote - a writer's journey can seem as long as forty-years in the wilderness and it still takes faith to live on manna! God bless.

  4. Great site Loretta! I wish you every success. If you want encouragement (during the process) I would love for you to visit my blog...

    I would encourage every writer to remember along the journey...why you wrote what you wrote...why what you wrote is unique...and Who it is you write for...

    The hope that pulls me through, when I'm weathered and worn, tattered and torn, is the truth that Jesus called me to share His message...and if I write and publish for only a few...the battle to publication is worth every step.

    The journey is always as much for us as it is for the ones we hope and prayer, is simply to hear, "Well done good and faithful daughter, well done."

    Julie Gorman

  5. Thanks to all of your for your encouragement.