Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back Cover - Only Angels Are Bulletproof

Today's back cover is from Emily Ann Benedict's Christian suspense novel, Only Angels Are Bulletproof:

"FBI agent, Scott Malkin, did not believe in God, heaven, and certainly not angels...until a simple bank robbery went horribly wrong.

"In her first novel, Only Angels Are Bulletproof, Emily Ann Benedict takes her reader on a page-turning ride of suspense and mystery when a seemingly random young woman is fatally shot in front of Scott and dozens of witnesses, yet survives and disappears before anyone one can question her.

"Scott's quest to stop a plague of bank robberies in the Los Angeles area quickly becomes a quest to prove that things such as angels and miracles do not exist.

"But when the hunt turns deadly and threatens to consume his friends and family, Scott is faced with one very strange question: Is believing Only Angels Are Bulletproof the only way to stop a criminal?"

You can read more about the book, including the first chapter, on Emily's website:


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